Summer Internship Objective:

Every year LeMay Restorations has at least one feature car restored for their annual car show in Tacoma, WA. This year we have two 1956 Powell's. Our goal is to have these cars restored and driven onto the show field on car show day, August 28th 2010. Will we complete these cars on time? ...

Keep checking this blog to find out!

Quick Note:

LeMay Restorations is a completely separate entity from the LeMay-America's Car Museum. The two Powell's are family owned and restored at their private shop. The museum is a not for profit organization.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Today I wet sanded the bedside and sprayed coat M on it. I also wet sanded the yellow on the quarter of the truck. We got the other engine and both flywheels today so now we attached the bell housing and next is the transmission. Merrill and Don started the front suspension on the truck and more gingerbread stuff got done today. Mainly we have to work around everyone working and spray the bodies. Tomorrow I'm going to wet sand the bedside and some of the volunteers can start laying in the oak bed liner.

Coat M on the truck. Tom said I have a natural talent. So I guess I should keep up with this. I like making things shiny.

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